I'm a Walmart superfan - I always recommend six affordable items that help me and my kids keep our house tidy | The Sun

2022-06-15 12:19:08 By : Mr. Kunka Luo

A DIY enthusiast has recommended six affordable Walmart items that she uses to keep her home tidy.

Money saver Liz Fenwick has shared a series of cost-effective hacks online.

She recommended putting hooks on the side of jars that can help stop measuring scoops from going missing.

In a clip shared on Facebook, Fenwick said she loves buying a set of containers from Walmart as they're perfect for storing snacks, cereals, and baking products.

She revealed that a hook is an option for people that don't want to put the scoop inside the jar.

In another one of her ingenious hacks, Fenwick created a towel holder using a floral stem wire and beads.

She put the beads on loosely around the stem before bending the ends of the wire.

Fenwick mixed water and blue fabric dye in a container before placing the beads into the liquid.

She said: “Get them as dark as you want them to be. It’s going to have a cool effect where they’re not going to be completely coated. But, just get them as dark as you want.

“Once you like the color, take them out and just let them set.”

She also shared a hack that’s designed to avoid overflowing drawers that are full of plastic bags.

She recommended using a cereal container and stuffing bags inside.

Fenwick said: “So much better than a bag drawer.”

Fenwick added a gold knob that she found in her stash and decorated a wood container.

She turned the container into a little dish for seasonings.

She added some salt into the holder and kept it by the side of her stove.

Fenwick revealed that she’s had an over-the-door organizer since she moved into the home.

The item features several pockets that are perfect for storing hats, scarves, and gloves.

She revealed that her kids put their glasses in some of the compartments.

The DIY enthusiast gushed over a laundry basket that can be wheeled around the home.

It’s perfect for homeowners that have their laundry room on the other side of their property.

You don’t have to struggle to carry a basket that’s full to the brim as it is on wheels.

Fenwick said: “Our laundry room is on the main level and our bedrooms are on the upstairs so it makes it easier to tote my laundry baskets around the house.”

Fenwick is known for sharing a series of genius hacks online.

In another clip, she revealed how she made planters using just rope and pots.

And, she transformed a towel into a funky-looking pillow that's perfect for garden furniture.

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