Wisconsin Dog Missing for 5 Years Reunites with Family After Police Find Pup 13 Miles from Home

2022-06-15 22:03:47 By : Ms. Amy Lei

Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin/SWNS

A dog missing for half a decade has finally reunited with her family — after authorities rescued the canine 13 miles from her home.

Ginger disappeared in 2017, leaving her owner Barney Lattimore distraught.

Lattimore, from Janesville, Wisconsin, looked everywhere for his missing pup, refusing to believe that Ginger was gone for good. Every time he saw a dog that slightly resembled Ginger, he'd check if it was her, but it never was.

But then, in early May, the City of Beloit Police Department posted a picture on Facebook of a stray dog they found 13 miles from the home Ginger disappeared from five years ago. Lattimore saw this post, which the police department shared in hopes of locating the canine's owner, and thought the pooch in the picture could be his missing pet.

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The hopeful dog owner learned that the authorities had transported the stray to the Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin (HSSW) to be cared for while rescuers waited to see if a pet parent came forward.

Humane Society of Southern Wisconsin/SWNS

Lattimore rushed to HSSW to check if the stray dog he saw online was his long-lost pooch, and as soon as the dog dad and pup spotted each other, there was no doubt the pair were family. Ginger and Lattimore had found each other again after five years apart.

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"When he arrived, staff led Barney to the back of the shelter to make sure it was her. As soon as they saw each other, there was no doubt. The excitement on the family's faces, as well as Ginger's, when they were finally reunited was beyond memorable," HSSW shared on Facebook about the reunion, including a sweet photo of Ginger and Lattimore smiling together.

"Ginger is back with her true family and now has the opportunity to meet her new 'pack' members and make up for lost time!" the shelter added.

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