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2022-06-15 17:25:47 By : Ms. Angela Tao

I had just kind of assumed that if you sail a ship in Sea Of Thieves you're a captain, you know? I know it doesn't give anyone that title, but I figured whoever was hosting the game just kind of was it. But it turns out I am a FOOL and that nobody was a captain at all. All that is going to change when Season Seven of the MMO pirate 'em up arrives next month, as confirmed in a jaunty song at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. Players are getting a whole raft of "Captaincy features" - and these include being able to name your ship and customise the interior.

In the trailer there you can see a list of features that come along with the new season's captain-y stuff:

I fully admit that I am a fair-weather pirate, so do not understand all of this stuff, but much of it sounds interesting - particularly that bit about there being different rewards for doing stuff as Crew vs as the Captain. I'm also very intrigued by the "choose your path" - in the trailer we see that represented by a traditional Blackbeard-esque pirate-y pirate, funtime party pirate, and a pirate who's really good at fishing. Possibly this means yet more new rewards and cosmetics are coming to the game that will be tied to different voyages and achievements, rather than a BioWare-y moral system. The latter would be absurd in a pirate game, I just kinda want to see them try it.

Rare are also celebrating 30 million players! Congratulations on the milestone, pals. If you fancy becoming 30 million and one, you can get Sea Of Thieves on Game Pass, where it has been for yonks.

Not E3 2022 is in full-swing - see everything in our E3 2022 hub, as well as our complete round-up of everything announced at Summer Game Fest 2022. Many more big game showcases and streams are still to come this summer, so make sure you stay up to date with our summer games stream schedule.

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