2022-06-15 12:18:55 By : Ms. Helen Liu

It's easy to put your pants on, I do it every day, one leg at a time. I don't have to think about it. But in the late 1930s, women had to think about it. It wasn't a simple pull and zip, it was a "Am I going to get in trouble?" "Could there be repercussions?"

It's tough for me to sit here and imagine repercussions for pants.

According to Wearing History Blog, "Dress Reform" was when women started to wear pants. In the 1930s they got into the grove with pants, but it was still a very rebellious behavior to society. As you and I both know, it takes a long time to not only raise awareness on a movement but actually help to encourage others to get used to it like Votes for Woman and Equality.

Bicycle bloomers were worn in the 1890s for women and then flappers became all the rage in the 1920s with women wearing silk pajama pants as evening outfits and from then on it was off to the races. Still, it was widely unaccepted and judged by the majority and powerful people. As one example, Kate Hepburn wanted to wear pants on her off time but because photographers would snap photos of her, the Hollywood studios tried to prevent that.

Wouldn't it be great if I had an example of a rebellious young woman in Maine during that era that didn't let "the man" bring her down? Guess what, I do.

Meet The Great Marie Aline Desrochers (pictured in stripes above) on a big trip to Maine with her working class family. She wasn't a famous celebrity but was like you and me which makes this even cooler because she was a trailblazer and didn't even realize it.

Marie has been said to be outgoing and funny and she made a huge mark on everyone that knew her!

Notice that she is laughing in the photo. There are many photos from that era where women are not smiling, but instead, have pressing or resolute facial expressions. Not Marie, she might have been born in 1920 ,but time didn't matter to her because she was happy and she dared anyone around her to feel that joy as well.

She was authentic, a rebel, and I dare you not to like her. She has since passed and I never met her but after talking with her granddaughter Colleen, I feel a kinship to Marie.

She used humor in all situations and was also a risk-taker. As I mentioned above, wearing pants in the 1930s was frowned upon, but Marie didn't care.

Picture above, Marie had hopped on top of a Lion statue. It is not confirmed where exactly in Maine this photo took place, our best guess is, Narragansett by the Sea in Kennebunk Beach.

She ended up marrying the man that her arms are around in the family photo. They lived happily ever after and she never stopped wearing pants!

If it weren't for people like Marie, pushing boundaries and paving the way, we may not of been able to be as free as we are now, as women.

If it wasn't for people like Marie, pushing boundaries and paving the way, we may not of been able to be as free as we are now, as women.

Thank you Marie for being a boss.

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